AlphaZed Public Access NTP


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Not Production

These NTP servers are provided on a best effort basis because it is fun for me. This service is not production quality and your production processes should not depend on it. You should sync to other unrelated NTP services for best results.


At present these NTP servers are located on the end of an ADSL line. Therefore, although they are keeping good time themselves, your view of them will be distorted owing to the asymmetry. On the other hand, if you are on the end of an ADSL line yourself, the asymmetries may cancel to an extent.

In addition, this ADSL line is used for my ordinary internet connectivity. So there is a certain amount of contention and downloads. This is a noticeable annoyance.

Try the Huff-n'Puff filter.

Use DNS hostnames

Use DNS hostnames in your ntp.conf file. Do not use IP addresses. The addresses have changed before, and they may change in future.


By necessity some of these servers have to be located behind a firewall, or must run packet filtering software themselves. This introduces some additional jitter, but you may not notice it depending on how far you are from me.


Please don't configure lots of clients with unreasonable polling intervals. Across the internet, this doesn't help timekeeping accuracy, and just causes unnecessary traffic. If you start abusing this service, I might configure your addresses and/or subnets as flakes, send KoDs, or firewall your traffic.