AlphaZed Public Access NTP


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Status Down; changing machines around
points to for now
Down; rearranging antenna
points to for now
Hardware Epia EK-8000 motherboard, Garmin GPS18LVC, 1PPS on serial port Modified Soekris, Trimble Thunderbolt, TAPR Clock-Block, 1PPS on timer pin TrueTime NTS-200
OS FreeBSD FreeBSD Proprietary
Software gpsd, no latency compensation no latency compensation Proprietary
Usage Policy Open. Abusers will be KoD-ed or firewalled. Restricted. I do not know how much NTP traffic this little box can take, so there are restrictions. If you want to sync to it, let me know your IP addresses and/or subnets. Open. Abusers will be firewalled.
IPv6 No No No
Location / Connectivity
Southeast London; Zen ADSL
NTP Pool Member No No Yes (Europe, UK)

IPv6 Note: IPv6 connectivity is through a Hurricane Electric tunnel, so you will see additional latency and jitter using IPv6 compared to the same server on IPv4. If this matters to you, append "-ipv4" to the hostname (eg use: